Navigating DWI Charges In Louisiana

If you have been arrested in Louisiana for DWI, your Baton Rouge DWI attorney needs to be resolute in your defense, but agile enough to find the best solution to your problem.

Don't even think about trying to "sort this out for yourself." Even if you think you can be as effective in your own defense as an experienced lawyer, you might not realize what you are up against. The police officer may pretend to be a regular guy or gal, but in this situation he or she has only one role, and that is to bring the full force of the law and its penalties upon you. Prosecutors, too, do not make their careers by being soft.

The penalties could include fines, license suspension, community service, mandatory treatment or jail time. If this is not your first charge, the sanctions are harsher with each conviction. At some point it becomes a felony charge.

Any conviction for DUI, felony or misdemeanor can give you a criminal record that potential employers, landlords and educational institutions can access. Let us help you prevent conviction and a record.

Lawyer Who Understands The DWI Defenses That Will Protect You

Negotiation is an art. The more doubt we can cast on the case against you, the better our bargaining position. We may attack evidence against you as being gathered illegally or flawed in some other respect. Together our attorneys have over 40 years' experience. We know the law and what your options are, and we are ready to respond to any move the prosecution makes. Contact a Louisiana criminal defense law firm online, or call 225-763-2272 or 888-511-8717 toll-free.