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July 2018 Archives

Study profiles drivers at high risk for distraction

Louisiana drivers who use their phones behind the wheel may want to think about what their motivations for doing so are. The Society for Risk Analysis has recently conducted a situation-based analysis that revealed four profiles for drivers who had a strong intention of driving distracted. The profiles consisted of women, people with little driving experience, individuals with a negative view of road safety and those with little inhibitions.

What a car accident can do to your brain

Car accidents bring about a number of damaging consequences for the drivers and their vehicles. They can range from simple bruises and scrapes to burning vehicles and extensive hospital stays. The severity of your injuries all depends how the collision happened and how fast the other car was going.

Why it is important to fully fund a trust

When people in Louisiana plan for the future, trusts can be an essential part of an estate plan. The flexibility and control that they provide can help people to create a comprehensive plan for their assets that supports their loved ones over time and avoids the difficulties that can come with probate. However, in order to make a trust operational, it is crucial to not only create the relevant trust documents but also to make sure that the trust is fully funded with all of the property that is to be included.

Startups and debts

Louisiana residents who start their own businesses may accumulate some debt. They may have some equity that can be applied to the business, but it is not uncommon for individuals to fund a startup with a credit card, multiple investors or a loan. For many startups, there may not be a profit for at least three to five years, which means there will be debt to handle until the business begins to turn a profit. However, there are some steps entrepreneurs can take to manage the business-related debt they may accumulate.

Trusts that have become unpopular with the increasing rates

It is important to keep up with the changing times. For instance, even though low interest rates have been the norm for the past decade, the fact that rates have been increasing lately means that estate planners need to adjust their strategies accordingly. A client living in Louisiana might be advised to use a different type of trust today than they would have been a year ago.

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