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What you should know about Louisiana personal injury law

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Firm News |

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Often, when a story about a personal injury case makes the news, the report focuses on the wild, and seemingly frivolous nature of the case. This type of coverage, as well as troubling data on the Louisiana court system, have prompted several groups to urge the Louisiana legislature to take action.

Data released recently by a watchdog group, underlines the argument in support of trying to curb lawsuits. While this information certainly indicates a concern, it may not necessarily address how many of the lawsuits were for people actually in need of help. A frivolous lawsuit is one thing. A necessary lawsuit to recover compensation for an injury is something else entirely.

For those people, who may not understand their options after an injury, here are some answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions about personal injury law:

I’ve been seriously injured. Now what? Your first priority is always to your health and safety. Get medical attention immediately following a life-threatening accident. If your injuries are such that you are conscious and able to communicate, try to gather as much information at the scene as you can – contact information of the other parties and witnesses, photographs, etc.

What kind of settlement amount should I expect? That depends on many factors, including how much you were charged in medical bills and how long you were out of work for (and expect to be in the future). Things like the extent of your pain and suffering, which are harder to put a dollar figure on, may also be considered.

Why shouldn’t I try to get a quick settlement? Nobody like a drawn-out legal process, but accepting the first offer may not be in your or your family’s best interests. The right attorney will work as efficiently as possible to get you a fair settlement that will restore financial stability to your household.

How should I choose a personal injury lawyer? This is an important question because you must put your faith in the right attorney’s hands to get a positive result. A good personal injury lawyer will combine a solid background in the law with real-world trial experience. They will give your case their personal attention, prepare thoroughly for settlement negotiations and know when it is time to take the case to court. Lastly, they will always give you honest advice and straightforward answers to all your questions.