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October 2019 Archives

Dressers recalled due to tip-over fears

About 25 children are killed in Louisiana and around the country each year after being struck by falling television sets or items of furniture, and many of these tragic accidents involve dressers that topple over. Furniture manufacturers voluntarily conduct tip-over tests on dressers over 30 inches tall, but this has not been enough to prevent four dresser recalls over a five-month period. Two such recalls were announced on Oct. 3, and one of them is the first involving a dresser shorter than 30 inches.

Tips to help you find the right business partner

Before you launch your new business, you make one of the most crucial decisions in the entire process: You pick a business partner. The person you choose could make or break your new company. They simply have to be a good fit. You must be critical and carefully consider what it will be like to work together moving forward before you commit to anything.

3 ways to reduce the risk of probate court in Louisiana

Creating a will or estate plan gives you control over the legacy you leave behind when you die. You may have specific wishes regarding who gets which assets from your estate. Sadly, no matter how carefully you plan, your wishes could always wind up subverted by a family member or heir who does not agree with the terms that you put in your will.

5 mistakes you do not want in a business contract

Almost no business runs completely independently of anyone or anything else. Whether it be sales deals, vendor agreements, contractor terms or a real estate lease, a business frequently comes into contact with other entities. All of these points of contact need a written contract so each party knows what it will get, and what is expected of them.

Acquiring a business can be less risky than a startup

Some business entrepreneurs have a vision of what they want to create from the earliest and most basic of concepts. For them, the journey is well worth the time and struggles, and the dream is fulfilled with a successful enterprise. However, this can be a risky way to develop a business. For many Louisiana entrepreneurs, acquiring an existing business is a better and safer way to find success.

How a nontraditional family may change estate planning

Many Louisiana families are different from the traditional model of a mother, a father and their children living in one house together. They are far more likely to include stepchildren or adopted children, an unmarried cohabiting couple, single parents or to differ in some other way. This has implications for estate planning.

Strategy is key when buying or selling a business in Louisiana

For many Louisiana business owners, creating a viable service or product and constructing it into a thriving enterprise is a life-long process. Eventually, however, the owner may want to move on. That could be to retire, start a different business or move in a new direction. When assessing options, having legal assistance with buying or selling a business is key.

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