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Comparatively, how high are auto insurance rates in Louisiana?

If you have had your license for some time, getting in the driver's seat might seem like no big deal. You are probably used to the responsibilities that surround driving. You also likely understand that bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance, making sure the gas tank is full and paying for insurance are all part of owning a vehicle.

Driver's education programs are evolving

Younger drivers in Louisiana and across America may benefit from visits to intensive care units and morgues. According to a Baylor University study, those who toured these locations were generally more aware of the consequences of risky behavior. The study looked at 21 teen drivers who participated in the Reality Education for Drivers (RED) program. While the RED program is offered in Texas, there are many others like it in the United States.

Study profiles drivers at high risk for distraction

Louisiana drivers who use their phones behind the wheel may want to think about what their motivations for doing so are. The Society for Risk Analysis has recently conducted a situation-based analysis that revealed four profiles for drivers who had a strong intention of driving distracted. The profiles consisted of women, people with little driving experience, individuals with a negative view of road safety and those with little inhibitions.

FMCSA notes increase in fatal large truck crashes in 2016

Despite advances in safety technology, large truck accidents are on the rise. This is according to a new data drill-down report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA has been able to evaluate accurate crash data from 2016, and it found that there was a 3 percent increase in fatal large truck accidents from the previous year. Drivers in Louisiana may want to know more about the details.

Reducing distracted driving among truckers

Distracted driving is all too common in Louisiana and the rest of the U.S., with cellphone use alone causing 26 percent of all crashes in the country. Every day, according to data analytics firm Zendrive, an estimated 69 million Americans use their phone at least once behind the wheel. GPS and in-car entertainment systems are just some other forms of technology that drivers have become addicted to.

Distracted driving in Louisiana: Top concerns for teen drivers

Distracted driving is responsible for an estimated 60 percent of all crashes in Louisiana. The issue is so prevalent that lawmakers are getting involved. Lawmakers recently proposed Louisiana House Bill 619. If passed, the law would ban the use of hand held devices while driving.

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