More Than 40 Years Of Legal Service To The Baton Rouge Region
Photo of Professionals at Ezell Law Firm, LLC
Photo of Professionals at Ezell Law Firm, LLC
More Than 40 Years Of Legal Service To The Baton Rouge Region

Experienced Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial and business litigation issues can affect a business at any time. It is essential that these issues be addressed by an experienced commercial litigation law firm in order to ensure the future stability and success of the business. At Ezell Law Firm, LLC, our skilled lawyers confidently handle all types of business disputes for large, medium and small businesses throughout the Baton Rouge area and surrounding communities.

We are a highly sophisticated firm that prides itself on passionately serving the needs of our business clients. As a business ourselves, we understand the unique issues that businesses often face and use our extensive knowledge to guide our clients through the process of litigating their disputes.

Comprehensive And Tailored Litigation Representation

We handle business dispute and commercial litigation cases involving:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Employment issues
  • Business formation litigation
  • Unfair/illegal competition
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Commercial real estate contract disputes

When seeking an end to your business dispute, we can choose the avenue of resolution that best suits your needs. Our lawyers can explain the benefits and drawbacks of litigating a case in court or utilizing another method of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration. Regardless of the option that you choose, we can articulate your case and persuasively argue your position.

We understand that when addressing business litigation, the focus of the case is on the best interests for your business. We take the time to get to know your business and its needs in order to pursue a resolution that will be a positive step forward for your business.

Contact Commercial Litigation Attorney To Resolve Your Legal Issue

If you are seeking an experienced commercial litigation lawyer for your business needs, contact our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, office today. For consultation call 225-763-2272 or 888-511-8717 toll-free. We are proud to establish long-standing relationships with businesses and working with them on an ongoing basis.