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Questions to answer before buying a business

Maybe you're looking to buy a business because you've always wanted to work for yourself, or to diversify or expand your current operation. Regardless of the reason, this is a big decision that will impact you personally, financially, and professionally.

Avoiding common mistakes when selling a company

Business owners in Louisiana and throughout the country may decide that now is the time to sell their companies. While the sale of a business can help to solidify a person's financial future, there are many pitfalls that can arise during the sale process. For instance, an individual may try to claim that his or her company is worth more than it truly is.

How to sell a company

Business owners in Louisiana may decide one day that they would like to sell their companies. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much a business is worth or what steps need to be taken to get it ready to sell. A buyer will typically consider how much money an organization makes when determining an offer price. Buyers will also consider the types of tangible assets that a company has when determining how to structure its offer.

Mistakes that are commonly made when purchasing a company

There are several mistakes that entrepreneurs in Louisiana and elsewhere tend to make when purchasing their first businesses. For instance, they may take on more debt than they can afford to repay. Individuals who spend too much to acquire a business may not have the cash needed to pay employees or take other steps to expand the company.

Variables to consider when selling a company

There are many factors that business owners in Louisiana should keep in mind when it comes to selling their companies. By timing the sale properly, they are more likely to obtain top dollars for their organizations. There are many factors that may determine how valuable a company is to a buyer. For instance, if there isn't a lot of money available to purchase a business, it may sell for less than it otherwise would.

Selling a family business can be a lengthy process

Louisiana residents who are thinking about selling a family business have many transition options to explore. While all of them come with certain challenges, each also has its benefits. It's also important to note that timing should be considered. If a person is thinking about selling their business in one to three years, now is the time to start the process.

Buying a business is an alternative to creating one

There are a lot of reasons people in Louisiana chose the path of entrepreneurship over working for someone else. There's a difference between being good at something and figuring out how to make money pursuing it for a living. One way to jump-start the path to success is to consider buying an existing business rather than starting one from the ground up.

Capital gains taxes after selling a business

When someone buys or sells a business in Louisiana, the resulting capital gains will affect their annual tax returns. Capital gains are handled differently than typical income that's based on profits from the business; instead, they come from the sale of a capital asset. There is a tax assessed on all capital gains, and this can apply to the direct sale of a company as well as shares of stocks and similar securities. Capital gains tax assessment only comes into play if the seller makes a profit or takes a loss on the sale of the asset.

Good reasons to establish an ESOP

Business owners who are looking to sell their companies may want to consider selling them to their employees. To do so, a company can establish an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP. An ESOP allows an interest in the business to be held in a trust for the employee's benefit. When the CEO is ready to step down, the ownership stake is transferred to those who are beneficiaries of the trust.

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