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Attorneys Andrew K. Nicolas And Andrew B. Ezell

Success Has No Template

Every legal issue comes with its own nuances, its own set of challenges. There is no template that can be applied and no shortcuts that can be taken to achieve success.

At Ezell Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge, we believe there is no substitute for putting in the work. We take the time to examine and understand the legal matter in front of us, digging into the applicable law and building a legal strategy designed to achieve the optimal outcome.

Whether we are creating an estate plan, working with a business to overcome a dispute, guiding a utility company over a regulatory hurdle or addressing any other legal matter, we are thoughtful, thorough and committed to success.

Attorneys And Staff

Accessible. Accommodating. Your Partners In The Legal Realm.

We are not just your attorneys, but your partners in the legal realm. As in any partnership, we believe communication is key. We ask the right questions to learn about your situation and goals. Then we work with you to design a resolution strategy that makes the most sense for you or your business.

As your case progresses, you will find that we are easily accessible by phone, text or email. We strive to be accommodating in setting appointments around our clients’ busy schedules, even if that means early mornings or late evenings. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, helpful environment.

Our Community, Our Courtrooms

We are a part of this community – it’s where we make our homes, where we go to church, where we volunteer at the local animal shelters, and where we work to help our neighbors when they face legal challenges. We know the community and its people.

We also know its courtrooms. Having practiced law in Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes for decades, we understand how the law is put into action by local judges, not just how it is written about in law books. We possess a great deal of experience working with the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) and other regulatory bodies and are comfortable with the political process. Our reputation is impeccable.

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