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Car accident injuries: what is most common?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2018 | Firm News |

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When you get into a car accident, injury is a common result. Having a car slam into yours can jostle the body immensely, sometimes crushing the body and breaking bones. Accidents that end in injury can be scary and dangerous, which is why it is important to know the possibilities for injury.

If you are injured in a crash, your priority should be your own safety. Motor-vehicle crash injuries require medical attention. These are the most common types of injuries individuals sustain from automobile crashes.

Head, neck and back injuries

These are possibly the most common injuries sustained during motor vehicle accidents. Injuries to these areas may not appear right away and can linger long after the crash. Whiplash is an extremely common neck injury, often sustained in rear-end collisions.

Internal injuries

You can sustain serious internal injuries due to car crashes, depending on the severity of the accident. This type of injury can be dangerous, especially because there is little outward sign of injury.

Soft-tissue injuries

These are injuries that damage muscles and joints. This type of injury can be minor, but can last a long time, which can lead to the necessity of physical therapy or additional doctor visits. Whiplash can be considered a soft-tissue injury as well.

Cuts and burns

Shattered windows, leaking car fluid or heated machinery can lead to cuts and bruises. These injuries can range anywhere from minor scrapes that heal quickly, to severe cuts or burns that require immediate attention, leaving lasting scars.

Broken bones

Depending on the accident, broken arms and legs can be quite common. A collision occurring at high speeds can exacerbate the possibility of broken limbs. Legs that are crushed by the car or arms that are thrown by the airbags can suffer fractures or breaks.

Catastrophic injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and paralysis are two common catastrophic injuries that can be caused by car accidents. These injuries are typically life-long and severely change the lifestyle of the injured individual.