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Amazon accused of selling defective and dangerous products

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Product Liability |

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When consumers in Louisiana and elsewhere purchase products from a popular online outlet, they may expect to receive items that have been fully tested and proven to be safe for use. Any defects in product design can create a variety of hazards that could pose a significant threat to consumer safety. Recent reports indicate that a private label of online retail giant Amazon has been accused of selling a variety of dangerous products, some of which have burst into flames and caused many individuals to suffer serious harm.

According to reports, one such object pertains to a USB cable that developed a short circuit and caught a chair on fire. The person sitting on the chair suffered burns in the process and was taken to a medical facility for treatment. In another situation, a microwave sold by the private label AmazonBasics caught on fire while a child was attempting to heat up food.

Negligent shipping and handling

Researchers say that upon further investigation of the microwave in question, it appears that a flaw in the design of the item could increase the risk of such an incident. Investigators also assert that there are a variety of other products that have caused similar results, ranging anywhere from surge protectors to car phone chargers. Reports also indicate that many of the products that carry numerous reviews claiming them to be dangerous are still being sold by the company.

Defective and dangerous products have the unfortunate chance of creating a hazardous scenario that could place the health of the user in jeopardy. Those who suffer serious injuries under similar circumstances may wish to seek accountability accordingly, but they might not know how best to handle the situation. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Louisiana who can advise a client on all his or her available options and in preparing to seek compensation through a products liability claim.