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Reviewing estate planning goals with a new year approaching

| Jan 5, 2021 | Estate Planning |

With a new year approaching, there may be many individuals who are preparing to make changes to their lives that best reflect their wishes and resolutions. This could include making a commitment to go to the gym or develop a budget, or even evaluate one’s goals to create a strategy for the future. While revisiting estate planning goals at the start of the new year might be on the list of priorities for many individuals in Louisiana, some might have concerns about what topics to address in the process.

Many individuals may find that one possible step to take with a new year approaching could involve taking inventory of assets and wealth. This could prove essential for those who wish to initiate the estate planning process by creating a will or trust, and those who already have an estate plan who wish to revisit their goals and see if any modifications might be necessary. As the start of a new year may also bring about changes in life preferences, updating documents to reflect such changes could prove vital.

The start of a new year could also leave many individuals with concerns about taxes and seeking insight on estate planning options to help address such issues could be beneficial at times. Another possible step could pertain to seeking advice on any changes that a new year might bring to estate planning laws. Understanding any upcoming changes could help a person better prepare to make informed decisions about his or her options.

Those who wish to revisit their estate planning goals with a new year approaching and have questions about the topics to address in the process might find it helpful to consult with an attorney for advice. An attorney in Louisiana can evaluate a client’s questions and concerns and provide guidance on all his or her options and any upcoming changes to the estate planning process. Such advice could place a person in a better position to protect his or her future interests by creating an estate plan or updating an existing plan to reflect his or her current wishes.