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Three important situations where advance directives are crucial

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Estate Planning |

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Life in Louisiana can be unpredictable. Sometimes, life’s unpredictability can lead you or a loved one to become medically incapacitated. When incapacitation happens, it leaves someone unable to make decisions for themselves. Fortunately, advance directives help ensure you receive the care you want after incapacitation occurs.

Dealing with life-threatening ailments

Ailments such as cancer, severe infections and similar illnesses can eventually wreak enough havoc on someone’s body to cause death. However, you can have an advance directive to protect you as your mental and physical abilities diminish. Naming someone in an advance directive to oversee what medical care you receive tends to make your life easier during a difficult time.

Wanting less stress for your loved ones

A common misconception about advance directives is that they’re only for people who are ill. Unfortunately, a single traumatic event such as a car accident or fall could leave you unable to care and make decisions for yourself. With an advance directive, you’ll still have control over matters related to estate planning and medical care.

Avoiding unnecessary treatments

Another beneficial reason to have an advance directive is to receive the kind of treatment you prefer. Someone without this directive could face invasive and potentially costly medical treatments. Not having an advance directive could also lead to lengthy hospital stays you don’t want. Some individuals may want to avoid spending money from their estates on invasive or potentially ineffective care. Making this call can leave more assets behind for your loved ones.

Having an advance directive can benefit any adult. With the details in an advance directive, you help ensure you’re not forcing your loved ones to make difficult medical treatment decisions on your behalf.