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Tesla fire after crash sparks concerns

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Product Liability |

Some Tesla owners in Louisiana may be concerned about reports of fiery crashes involving the automaker’s vehicles. The all-electric cars are known for both their luxury and innovation, but some people are questioning their safety after a February crash in Florida. In the incident, a Tesla Model S suddenly left the roadway, swerving through three lanes of traffic before hitting a median and trees. There, the car burst into flames. The one-car accident killed the Tesla’s driver.

After the crash, the car was towed away to a city impound lot. According to local fire officials, the battery burst into flames at least three times in the night following the car crash. However, it is not clear that a problem with the battery led to the initial crash; instead, speed is being investigated as a cause. On the other hand, auto safety experts noted that heat can build up in the vehicles’ large lithium-ion batteries after a crash, leading to fires that are challenging to fully extinguish. The manufacturer itself says that battery fires can take 24 hours to extinguish, and noted that it may be best to let the battery burn while protecting surrounding elements from the flames.

Safety experts said that it is not clear that the Tesla is more prone to fires or after a collision than other vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has praised Tesla vehicles in the past, noting that they have a very low probability of occupant injuries.

Driving a car means relying on a vehicle to be safe and secure. When manufacturers put defective automobiles on the market, people can suffer severe injuries and even fatalities as a result. Someone who has been injured due to a defective item can consult with a personal injury lawyer about the potential to pursue a product liability claim for their damages.