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Recalled sanitizer a problem for consumers

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Product Liability |

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There is one product that people use often, especially when it’s cold and flu season. Hand sanitizer, which is generally made with alcohol, helps kill viruses and bacteria.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that there are several brands of sanitizer that had methanol mixed in. Methanol is toxic, and it can be absorbed through the skin. When it is absorbed, it can lead to seizures, death and permanent blindness.

One of the brands that is causing some trouble is the Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer. It’s currently being sold at Dollar Tree, even though the company knows about the recall issued by the FDA.

The company has argued that the sanitizer isn’t dangerous because the manufacturer tested it and proved that it wasn’t. Further testing, the company has stated, is being done to make sure of that.

The FDA still states that any of these sanitizers should be disposed of as hazardous waste. The FDA has also released a full list of recalled hand sanitizers. Currently, there are approximately 67 sanitizers that the FDA would like to see pulled from the shelves.

The trouble with recalls is that not all stores pull the products from their shelves right away, especially when those products are in high demand. As a consumer, it’s important to check for recalls regularly and to listen to what the FDA has to say. If you are injured because of using one of these products, you may be able to pursue a product liability claim against the company or companies that made the products you used.