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Updating an estate plan after preferences in life change

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Estate Planning |

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It might not be uncommon for individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere to experience a change in their preferences and wishes at various stages of life. Regardless of what prompts this change, those who encounter a similar situation in life could benefit from taking the necessary steps to ensure their estate planning goals reflect their current wishes. Knowing what areas of one’s estate plan to revisit during such a time could prove integral to helping a person achieve such goals.  

There are a variety of scenarios in which a person might benefit from revisiting estate planning goals and updating information accordingly, and some examples of topics to address during this process could include: 

  • Minor children:  Individuals who wish to take every measure to protect and provide for their kids may feel inclined to choose someone to act as guardian should the need arise, and one’s preferences regarding guardianship may change over time. 
  • Asset distribution:  A person’s wishes concerning beneficiary designations and asset distribution upon death could also change at times and updating information to reflect these changes could prove integral to safeguarding one’s wishes. 
  • Representatives:  Choosing a party to carry out one’s wishes can also be a difficult decision at times, and should one’s preferences regarding this aspect change, revisiting estate planning goals could prove imperative. 

Changes in one’s preferences concerning medical care in the event of incapacitation could also prompt a need to revisit medical care directives and update information. 

Those who experience a change in preferences may feel that updating estate planning information could prove vital, but they might not always know every topic to address along the way. Those facing a similar situation could benefit from consulting with legal counsel for guidance in navigating every step of the process. An attorney in Louisiana can address all a client’s questions and concerns and assist in updating the estate plan in accordance with his or her new wishes and preferences.