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Is a dynasty trust a viable option?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Estate Planning |

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There may be a multitude of individuals who spend years building a legacy and wish to continue to provide for the financial needs of their families for generations to come. However, they might have concerns about how beneficiaries might manage inheritances and the options to help preserve their wealth. The estate planning process may offer a variety of options to help individuals in Louisiana pursue similar goals, one of which might pertain to a dynasty trust. 

What does this involve? 

According to experts, a dynasty trust is a type of trust that may allow a person to transfer wealth for numerous generations. One of the first topics to address regarding dynasty trusts might involve seeking insight into the number of years a trust can last before it must come to an end. Understanding the topics to address regarding the duration of a trust may be integral to making informed choices about one’s options. 

It may also be helpful to note that the grantor may have the ability to set terms for the management and distribution of funds in a dynasty trust. Similar estate planning options could also help protect assets from certain types of gift and estate taxes and knowing the topics to address regarding trust tax concerns could prove essential. Those considering a similar path might also benefit from knowing that dynasty trusts may be irrevocable by nature, and one might not be able to alter the terms thereof once it is funded. 

Future generations 

Individuals in Louisiana who wish to provide wealth to future generations may benefit from seeking advice on all the available estate planning options to help achieve such a goal. By consulting with an attorney, a person may obtain much-needed guidance in evaluating all his or her available options. An attorney can help a client understand every vital factor to address and assist in choosing a path that best fits his or her future interests and needs.