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Prepare for contingencies through a carefully crafted estate plan

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Estate Planning |

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You cannot look to the future and know exactly what will happen, but you can take steps that will help you face an unknown future with confidence. One of the most important things you can do to protect your long-term interests is to create an estate plan. Through a carefully crafted legal and financial strategy, you can be certain that you have the final say over important matters, such as what happens to your personal property after you pass away.  

Each estate plan is different, and you will benefit from considering what things are most important to you as you think about the future. Whether you want to provide for your loved ones, support a charity through your estate or ensure that certain people receive certain assets, estate planning can help you accomplish that. With a plan in place, you can prepare for many contingencies that may happen. 

Protect and support your loved ones 

One of the primary goals people have when creating their estate plans is protecting their loved ones. If you want to ensure that the interests of your heirs and beneficiaries are secure, one practical place to start is by drafting a will. This is a document that gives you the ability to specify what should happen to your assets after you pass away, and you can also dictate your desires for the care of a pet or your minor children. Drafting a will is often the first step for many in the estate planning process.  

After you have a will, you may still need to take additional measures to ensure that you have the full amount of protection you need. Advanced directives provide you the chance to control certain types of medical care you may need in the future. A living will outlines the specific medical interventions you do or do not want, and a health care power of attorney appoints a specific individual to act on your behalf in matters not specified in your living will. 

What does a complete plan look like for you? 

Your estate plan should be uniquely suited to your needs and objectives for the future. After a will, there are a range of estate planning tools that give you the ability to have the final say over critical matters that could impact you long-term. If you are unsure of what you may need, it might be helpful to speak with a professional regarding your specific situation.